Medexi brings together years of niche-market experience integrating healthcare packaging, temperature-controlled storage, and time-sensitive distribution solutions as an invaluable partner for Brussels Airport, the Belgian pharmaceutical ecosystem and the greater healthcare community worldwide.

Medexi is a small group of experienced multilingual Belgian pharma service insiders who know the processes, procedures, rules and regulations inside out. Located right onsite at Brussels Airport, Medexi can help you navigate the Brussels Airport pharma hub as well as the Belgian and European pharmaceutical ecosystems…and beyond.

The job at hand

Combining niche-market expertise with the best-possible infrastructure, Medexi is a pragmatic, flexible and invaluable service partner for international shipping companies, leading pharmaceutical companies, biotech startups, research labs and governmental organizations around the world. Medexi takes pride in handling, monitoring and securing time-critical and end-to-end temperature-controlled shipments from pick-up, packaging, and handling and storage to in-the-air cargo shipping and on-the-road final-mile distribution.

Solution-seeking: It’s in our DNA

The critical pharma supply chain requires strict GDP compliancy, temperature-controlled environments and time-controlled track & trace processes using specialized equipment. The current challenge is moving time-critical shipments, especially the new-generation vaccines that require extremely cold temperature-controlled conditions. This is where the Medexi DNA comes into play.

From temperature-controlled storage to packaging expertise to last-minute problem solving, we look forward to working with you shortly.