Compliant pharma supply chain solutions are in the Medexi DNA

Many of today’s healthcare products and medical supplies need to be handled in time-critical and temperature-controlled environments using specialized, compliant equipment. So when something doesn’t go completely according to plan, you need a flexible partner who thinks fast on their feet.

An insider with niche-market experience

A true insider with niche-market experience in the national and international pharmaceutical ecosystem, Medexi is located right onsite at Brussels Airport with its own ambient and cool warehouse capacity and qualified distribution network to get your product from the airplane to the warehouse to its final destination (or vice versa) under the strictest of controlled environments.

Quality and security with GDP compliancy

Quality includes full compliancy. Medexi’s integrated experience in the pharmaceutical logistics process spells quality and security. Products are moved using temperature cubes and trans-safety locks. Calibration and Euro-scanning ensure GDP compliance.

Comprehensive pharma distribution network in Belgium and beyond

Besides preparing international shipments and solving last-minute issues, Medexi can offer compliant emergency distribution solutions using its extensive Belgium network that delivers medical and pharmaceutical products to doctors, hospitals, care homes and other medical centers throughout Belgium and beyond.

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